Here is a list of graduate students who worked — or are still working — towards a doctorate degree under my supervision:


Daniel Stumm (M.A. Heidelberg University, 2014) is currently working on a Ph.D. project titled "Conceptions of the Canon in the Qing Dynasty." His project is supervised by professor Hilde De Weerdt (primary supervisor) and myself (secondary supervisor).


Puning Liu (M.A. Renmin University, 2013) wrote a Ph.D. dissertation titled "Political Legitimacy in Chinese History: The Case of the Northern Wei Dynasty (386-535)" under the supervision of professor Hilde De Weerdt (secondary supervisor) and myself (primary supervisor). He obtained his doctorate degree on April 25, 2018.

Puning Liu (right) successfully defended his Ph.D. dissertation at Leiden University on April 25, 2018.

To obtain their degree, graduate students are required to orally defend their Ph.D. thesis in a traditional ceremony that takes place in the Senate Room of the Leiden University Academy Building. Upon graduation, students may leave their signature in the Zweetkamertje (Sweat Room), a long-standing Leiden University tradition.